Kabbage and Hugs

For the ease of the story, please know that Kabbage and Hugs are people.  Two friends, actually.  Turns out, roommates as well.  And Kabbage and Hugs, the name, are their nicknames combined.  Given to them from a dear friend.Craft time

These lovely ladies have focused their exuberant energy on a myriad of outdoor and artistic endeavors for years now.  The outdoor adventures are an entirely other story.  The artistic side stems from from knitting & crocheting hats, to sewing wool gloves, to homemade earrings, to making cutting boards.  Because of their love to create….Kabbage and Hugs, the LLC, was born November 21st, 2013.

K & H is an outlet:  way to channel their hobby passions and funnel it to their friends, family, to you and to the community around Minturn and the Vail Valley.  This isn’t their full-time gig.  For Kabbage, its her after school ‘program’ of sorts.  And for Hugs, its her side note to the wood shop she already works in.


Together they search the mountain-sides near Minturn for downed trees.  Their goal is to refurbish lovely wood that has lost battles to beetles and chainsaws.  They polish it up a bit and give it a purpose again.  Giving you a piece of their home and passion.  Kabbage and Hugs S'More SticksAnd if you didn’t know, taking pine beetle kill out off the mountain sides, reduces the fire chances stick by stick.

If you find these creations to spark your fancy, please contact K & H and enjoy a one-of-a-kind wood creation from Colorado.   Remember, all of these products make great gifts and are a definite conversation starters.


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